Building a Shooting Range (Shooting Berm)

This weekend was full of lots of hard work and dirt!  We needed to build a berm for our shooting range.  Everybody pitched in and we played in the dirt with big toys.  We got a lot of work done in 2 days.

Our New Shooting Berm

Playing in the dirt

Hitching a ride!


There was only a small glitch…

Old McAndy’s Farm Truck needed a tow.


This is what happens when your brand new AR10 .308 sniper rifle malfunctions and fires a two round burst. Old McAndy shot a well aimed shot from the porch at a target on a berm 70 yards away, and the second (unexpected) round went right through both front tires. Better than the engine block I suppose…

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One comment on “Building a Shooting Range (Shooting Berm)
  1. James says:

    Hello my freinds,we all (family)enjoy your website and lifestyle.We have a set up somewhat the same,I personally grew up raising white face cattle but that was when I was a bit younger as times and economic things change we have started a baby style chicken farm about a year ago.I really miss the cows but nothing stays the same a you know.So the chickens monetarly took the place of my cattle.The RIR`s are great egg layers and fine meat.Hell,the chicks lol, are all but pets lol!
    The reason of the email contact is the chickens.
    I have a whole lot in common with your farm style life in general terms.
    Reading thru your site with the activities you`re postings have really hit home.I know its not funny to you but the incident with the truck has happened here,and thankful nobody was injured.
    Your chicken site has been much help being new to having birds..
    We love your site and keep the info (chickens)out there.Keep up the great work and interesting life style,farmlife talk .
    God Bless,James

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