Welcome Our Rodesian Ridgeback/Boxer Mix… and a Surprise!

My wife and I have been planning to get a pure bred Rodesian Ridgeback for over a year. We finally found a breeder who had puppies available! Hooray!

We went out to meet this breeder, we’ll keep her name to ourselves. It was quite a drive. We were with the Rodesian Ridgeback breeder for 20 minutes before we realized exactly how crazy she was.

The Rodesian Ridgeback breeder promised us that she would show up to our home anytime she wanted to and check in on the Rodesian Ridgeback she was selling us – and if the Rodesian wasn’t being handled to her specifications, she would repossess it. Heck no! Ms. Rodesian Ridgeback breeder, you’re a psycho.

So, we looked online later the next day and found a Rodesian/Boxer mix at an animal rescue in Ocala, FL. We decided to go check her out!

When we got there, we found the Rodesian/Boxer mix. She was awesome!

Right next to the Rodesian/Boxer mix was a great looking Bloodhound. I couldn’t help myself – we had to get him from the rescue as well!

Welcome home, Katie & Deifenbaker!

Rodesian Ridgeback/Boxer Mix & Bloodhound

Rodesian Ridgeback/Boxer Mix & Bloodhound

Katie - Our Redesian/Boxer Mix!

Katie - Our Redesian/Boxer Mix!

Katie & Deif

Katie & Deif with Liz!

Updated Picture: 4/7/2012

Rodesian Ridgeback/Boxer Mix & Bloodhound

Katie is getting huge!

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2 comments on “Welcome Our Rodesian Ridgeback/Boxer Mix… and a Surprise!
  1. Becky says:

    Hi – I’m looking for a boxer/ridgeback mix. Where did you get yours? He is adorable!!!

  2. Dianne says:

    I have a ridgeback/boxer mix, he is 10 now and the best dog ever. A little aggresive but love him even more for that. My daughter and I thought Leroy needed a friend so we resuced a Rat Terrior from a friend of hers. He is 9 now, Jax, and we love him just as much. Leroy and Jax have been sharing a crate now for 6 years. I can not imagine life without them.

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